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Richard Duijnstee

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Illustrations highlight content in a unique way. They invoke emotions immediately and tell a story that can be ‘read’ by audiences of all ages and across cultures. My style is friendly and can brighten up anything from children's books to marketing materials.

To keep art accessible to everyone, I have uploaded some of my illustrations to the public domain. You can download them via Pixabay. Even though they are completely free to use, it would be much appreciated to use the "Coffee" button on Pixabay to donate something if you can, so I can keep creating and sharing my drawings.

Richard's illustrations on Pixabay

I've been a professional illustrator for about a quarter of a century now. And although throughout my career I have been an all-round visual designer, drawing has always been my "first love".

Enjoy some of my drawings on Instagram:

Richard's illustrations on Instagram

Originally from The Netherlands, I moved to Canada in my thirties. My last name, Duijnstee, means "dwelling in the dunes" in Dutch. It's hard to pronounce correctly in English, but sounds something like DÅ“ynstay or Downstay.

Here are, from left to right, my studio, the "tools of the trade", and my portrait:

Richard's studio, tools, and portrait

And yes, sometimes I work with a fountain pen and markers on a piece of paper, and sometimes I grab my iPad and stylus and make a digital illustration.

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