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Richard Duijnstee

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My artistic experience stretches from illustration to graphic design, from filmmaking to theatre, and from education to writing. Starting out as an animation filmmaker and actor, I discovered the power of storytelling. Inquisitive to various media to tell my stories, yet never settling on or choosing one particular medium, I gave up trying to specialize and instead embrace the art form most suitable to tell a particular story.

For more than 20 years now, I have been working as a professional illustrator and visual designer. I have provided drawings and designs for colouring pages, comic strips, brochures, websites, animations, and online learning materials.

Throughout the years, I have experimented with many techniques. And, because I told you I can't choose, I either use an old-fashioned piece of paper and draw on it with a black pen and some markers, or I grab my iPad and stylus and start drawing in Procreate. Both methods are satisfying in their own way!

Below you see, from left to right: my studio, the tools of the trade, and my portrait.

My work room, tools of the trade, and a portrait.

I started writing for the animation films I produced. Soon, the exciting world of live theatre propelled me to try my hand at writing for theatre. In 2018 my short play, ‘Revolutionizing Death’, was performed at the New Brunswick Dramafest reaping various prizes and jury accolades.

My experience in writing for film and theatre gave me the idea to write a fictional work and resulted in the novel ‘The Circus Was in Town’.

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