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Richard Duijnstee
illustrator and writer

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Illustrations highlight content in a unique way. They invoke emotions immediately and tell a story that can be ‘read’ by audiences of all ages and across cultures. Enjoy some of mine:

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As a fun and educational resource for kids (age 8-10-ish), I have created a little learning tool about Medieval Knights. It provides answers to 10 questions kids might have, such as 'What is a knight?' and 'Were there girl knights?' and has friendly illustrations by yours truly.

You can find this resource here: It opens in a new window/tab. Enjoy!

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book cover The Circus Was In Town

My novel, The Circus Was In Town, is now available via Amazon (CA, UK, US) and Bol (NL).

The story:
Olivia is a trapeze artist in the circus. Lars has never left his home town. When their two worlds intersect at three moments in their life, Lars and Olivia discover that their wishes and desires are not that different at all. The struggles of coming to terms with who they really are and finding out what love means, makes for a wonderful, adventurous, and heartwarming story.

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