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Find out what it was like to be a knight in the Middle Ages!

What is a medieval knight? What did he wear? Could anyone be a knight?

The next 10 pages will answer the following questions about knights:

  1. What is a knight?
  2. Where and when did they live?
  3. Who did they work for and what is a vow?
  4. What did they get paid?
  5. What did they wear?
  6. What is a coat of arms?
  7. Could anyone be a knight?
  8. Did knights go to school and could they read and write?
  9. Did every knight have his own castle?
  10. Were there any girl knights?

At the end there is a little quiz to test your knowledge; see what you have learned!

Click on the "next" button at the bottom of each page to go to the next page. Go on until you reach the end. There are 13 pages in total, including this one.

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