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What is a coat of arms?

A coat of arms is a unique sign, made up of images and colours. It is much like a logo for a company nowadays. During The Middle Ages, knights used a coat of arms to identify themselves, which was especially useful in battle, which was often chaotic.

In a society where few people could read and write, pictures were very important. Elements of the coat of arms are colours, animals, and other objects. These elements were used as symbols for bravery, honour, wisdom, etc.

The next images show a couple of examples of coats of arms.

Coats of arms


Knight doing Arts and CraftsIt is time to try it for yourself! You are going to make your own coat of arms. Download and print the worksheet below and follow the instructions. You can start right away or make the coat of arms after you have gone through all pages of this website.

Download the document (PDF) here.


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