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Did knights go to school and could they read and write?

If you were born the son of a knight or other royalty, you did get a good education. At around the age of 8 the son would be sent off the to the local lord's court to become a page. This meant that he would learn all the necessary things for knighthood, things such as the rules of court, weapons, and sometimes writing and music. When he would be around 13, he would become a squire of a knight and from then on his training would focus much more on weapons, horsemanship, and combat. So these sons of knights and nobility would learn a lot, but not in a school as you know it!

Knights did not always know how to read and write. Some could, some couldn’t. It all depended on where and from whom they got their training. It wasn’t a job requirement, but those who could read often enjoyed reading stories about famous knights as well as philosophy and religious books.

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