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You know a lot more about medieval knights then when you started. Ready to test your knowledge? Read the following questions and when you have thought about one, click "check answer" to see if you had the correct answer.

Question 1: How did a knight usually fight?

  1. With his feet on the ground.
  2. On horseback.
  3. In a carriage.
  4. Knights didn't fight.

Question 2: Under which king did we first see medieval knights?

  1. King Wenceslas.
  2. King Lear.
  3. King Louie.
  4. King Charlemagne.

Question 3: Where could a knight practice his skills if he wasn't serving his lord?

  1. In a tournament.
  2. Doing the dishes at home.
  3. In a battle.
  4. Knights didn't practice their skills.

Question 4: What could a knight earn if he fought well?

  1. Lottery tickets.
  2. A place in a tournament.
  3. Land.
  4. A new horse.

Question 5: A coat of arms has...

  1. Colours.
  2. Images of animals.
  3. Images of other objects.
  4. All of the above.

Question 6: True or false: "All knights knew how to read and write."

Hopefully you did well with the questions! No worries: you can always go back and read the website again.


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